Do One Thing…

Eleanor Roosevelt said it  “Do one thing everyday that scares you”. So, here I am dipping my trembling toes into the world of blogs, posts, replies and all the other new things writing now encompasses. write. I do other things too: read books (a lot), work in a bookstore (part-time), try to understand the complexities of my new smartphone (soon to be obsolete, but it DOES have facetime) and generally live a semi-orderly life with my other half and our 8 year old tabby, Rascal.

HOWEVER. I’ve been told that “just” writing may not be enough. Internet presence is desirable. And I’m old enough to know that current trends affect all areas of life. E-Readers affect retail book stores, iPads infringe on the territory covered by laptops and notebooks, and writers need to write in more than one medium and not just about their books, their characters or even their methods. Many readers like to know the person behind their favorite sleuth or heroine or secret agent. My aim is to help readers do just that. Unpublished at present, I hope to fill this space at least once a week with a snippet of my life, a short fiction about one of my characters, even observations on what has helped me hang in here. One thing I know. I need to write. This is just another venue. Stop by and check out my thoughts and verbal pictures…and feel free to comment as well. My characters and I will be waiting (perhaps with a cup of coffee or glass of wine or cookies.)


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