Random Thoughts

For some reason I find myself considering the year we’re about to leave and wondering about the year to come. If we make it past that famous Mayan prediction of doom for 12/21/2012, just what will be in 2013? Que Sera Sera seems to be the stock answer (although not necessarily as sung by Doris Day).
Will we survive 12/21? I don’t know. Am I stockpiling water, canned goods, Sterno, candles, batteries, cat food and toilet paper? No more than I usually do for a Central Illinois winter. I’m not putting bars on my windows, learning to shoot, wield a knife, or aim an arrow either. If the world is to be no more, none of that will do much more than attract marauding mobs of the suddenly desperate. Of course, my main wish is that the entire prophecy is a non-event so that I can eat my shortbread, sing Christmas carols, and go to see Les Miserables on 12/25. I can dream, right?
When I was younger, I didn’t have a prayer list. At least not for specific people and causes. If I remembered at all, I would generally lump everyone into the “Everyone who needs your help and care” category right after my own requests. These days, my list is specific. I have family and friends dealing with crises or waking up to find crises on their doorsteps.The list never gets shorter…and sometimes gets longer as people find themselves dealing with unexpected tragedies. And I try not to forget how fortunate I am as I pray for them and how incredible it is that my words seem to make a difference in some way. A combination of celestial and earthly support system.
I’m also thinking a lot about the last election. I consider myself an independent…the man/woman and his/her ideas rather than the party and its platform. So, after all the mud-slinging, nasty words, posturing and promises, the results are in and I have one hope for 2013 and beyond. Let those on both sides of the political fence get off their nicely padded chairs and work together to improve this country for the people who elected them. All of the people. We may have revolted against England, but we formed this country on Compromise. Yes we did. And we need to do that again. No “I’m right and you’re wrong” or “My way or the highway” thinking please. All that does is waste time and money…and at this point both seem to be in short supply. As for those in the 20 states petitioning to secede, ah well. It’s alike being in the schoolyard yet again. Still, it might not be a bad thing. Think of the additional Federal Funds which (because there is no Social Security, Medicare, VA, Healthcare or military in Foreign Aid) could be funneled back to the very programs that need them. Even the passport revenue would go up as we all apply for them in order to visit our family and friends in those”sovreign states”.
Told you these would be random thoughts. Feel free to comment, politely of course, if you like. If I can figure out how to access your comments…because WordPress and I are just learning to get along..I will at least say “hey” and “thanks for visiting”. Now I’m off to get one more cup of tea and some protein before I head out into the chill November day. Carpe diem!


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