T’was the Day Before The Day Before…

This year, I’m having a problem with Christmas. By December 23rd of any other year I am fairly certain everything I need to do for the Holiday is done. I select one or two of my guilty pleasures movie-wise; Love Actually and (yes) It’s a Wonderful Life rest on top of the blu-ray player ready to pop in after my Bears battle whoever (whomever?) is left on their schedule. Presents are wrapped, shipped, received and placed under the mini cat-proof tree on the coffee table, and my baking is done. Shortbread and good tea are my boon companions and the sun shines brightly.
What went wrong in 2012? I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s the fact that I turned a “certain age” this year, although I doubt it. I’ve been doing the “certain age” dance for a decade or so and it’s never been a factor before. The end of the world? No. I figured that was something I couldn’t control. The big stuff never is. So, on this day before the day before Christmas, I’m considering possible scenarios for my still-to-be-wrapped and shipped presents (to my sister, who agreed to wait until after Christmas to exchange gifts and then shipped them anyway), my unbaked bread, holiday cookies and that last batch of shortbread (also for said sister), and the fact that my tree and Nativity are still in the container with the garland and bows. Even Katherine Jenkins singing Silent Night doesn’t give a ready answer.
This past year has been rough on people I know and on me as well. I have good friends dealing with medical problems that can’t or won’t be cured and other friends who’ve lost more than one family member within a short period of time. My own age creeps higher…which is a blessing and an issue, mainly because I can still do what I do, just not as fast. Working an eight hour retail shift on the Saturday before Christmas wipes me out and tries my patience even while I smile at my customers. Who knew shopping could be so complicated? Most years I shrug it off. This year? Still shrugging. Small stuff when I compare what’s happening to other people I care about, but there nonetheless. I never used to have a formal prayer list, mainly sticking to the basics. Now I have one. And I try not to forget anyone, including me. And I hope the coming year is a better one.
So, here I sit, one last batch of shortbread finally in the oven, wrapping paper strewn around the living room, without any concrete answer to my dilemma. Maybe there isn’t one. Maybe we all have years like this and just muddle through, getting the important things done and squeezing in the incidentals. My sister’s presents will get to her by New Year’s Eve, the UPS and USPS men (both of whom know my address by heart this time of year) will get their cookies, and I’ll have my tree and manger up before the day is over. And then? Well, tomorrow is the Eve of Christmas and I’ll be lunching with a good friend, meeting at someone’s house for cookies, and making a good hearty soup in the slow cooker. I’ll watch my movies, go to Christmas Eve services, and indulge in a toast to the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. And then, just before I go to sleep, I’ll listen for the pitter patter of tiny reindeer hooves on the roof. Merry Christmas to all and God bless us every one!


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  1. Have the merriest of Christmases! Beautiful entry!

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