For Auld Lang Syne

I haven’t officially ‘rung in’ the New Year for a while now. Like Christmas Eve, December 31st is one of those days I enjoy best in my quiet mode. Granted there may be a football game or two on the agenda depending on which teams are bowl-bound after the regular season, but I’d rather have wine and cheese and a good movie, perhaps even a good book, to see me to my bedtime…which seems to come as soon as the Ball drops in Times Square.
While I was working, the last business day of the year, most likely 12/31, was the day to make sure all problems were solved, all accounts were credited, and all papers in order before the close of business. We stayed late to make sure this was the case. Then it was home to dinner or out for drinks and still home before midnight, because after New Year’s Day (a day of football games and visiting) we started all over again, feeling a bit like Bob Cratchit under the watchful eye of Scrooge.
These days I have more leisure, even with my part-time job, and get to spend this day doing a few things that need to be done but mainly reading and thinking about the past year. Then I’ll pour a glass of wine to toast the coming New Year, settle down in my jammies, and watch one of the movies I gifted myself for Christmas. Boring? Yes. Peaceful? Definitely.
Tomorrow is soon enough to worry about 2013 and what may or may not happen. Tomorrow is for making resolutions, some of which I actually hope to keep this time around, and for putting up new calendars with birthday and anniversary dates penned in along with the possibilities of travel West, East, and possibly South. Tomorrow I will make a final batch of shortbread to share with a good friend. Tomorrow I will watch some football. Or see a movie. Or sleep in. Or all of the above. 2013 is a blank slate for better or for worse.
With this in mind, I wish us all a wonderful New Year, with promises kept, progress made, and problems reduced and swept away leaving nothing but health and happiness Auld Lang Syne, my dear. Drink a cup of kindness.


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