The sun came out today….just long enough to highlight the cobwebs that have somehow eluded my vacuum and broom during the dreary days of February. Or longer. I make a mental note to get to them sometime in the next day or two and hope I do. Chores seem to take a back seat to so many other things, you know?
My house isn’t a mess by any means. I’m in no danger of being featured on Hoarders any time soon. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a bit cluttered. I seem to accumulate things during the drab days of winter and then wait for the first signs of spring to get into the mood to organize. My latest acquisitions in the categories of books, movies and music sit in somewhat neat stacks waiting for me to clear out some of their predecessors and make room for them, alphabetizing as I go and keeping a box or two handy for the donations to our local library or Goodwill. Media addict that I am, this is not fun. For some strange reason, my collection of bake ware and plastic storage containers also grows; a somewhat easier task to accomplish since dings and dents and stains tend to qualify said objects for either use in the garage or recycling. That said, I cling to my dad’s old popcorn pot and some bread pans that must have been passed down a generation or two. Heck, no one’s perfect.
Clothing also falls prey to my quest to make room. My solution is simple. If I haven’t worn it in two years, it goes. Goodwill, Salt & Light (a local charity that does a lot of good), or a local church. I am better that this than my other half, who still believes he might be a 34/30 in pants one of these fine days and hates to throw out shirts even if they’re frayed at the cuffs. “I’ll wear them for woodworking or gardening,” says he whenever I ask. And yet his closet has less in it than mine. Go figure.
The hardest clutter clearing task is, at least for me, weeding through all the trivia and useless gossip that seems to clog my brain during the colder months. Granted some stuff is wonderful fodder for writing, retelling, and inspiring dreams, but there is crueler clutter. Bad days, unpleasant experiences that replay no matter how we try to hit ‘stop’, bad things happening to good people and those stress producers over which we have no control. There’s only so much space in my conscious mind, right? I’d rather fill that space with good and displace the bad. Easier said than done of course, but there is a way. It takes time of course…all good things do. Start each day with a positive thought. Doesn’t have to be profound. Smile at your face in the mirror. Decide to get out and do something you don’t have to do., even if it has to wait until your work day is done. Look around you and appreciate the beauty we take for granted. Baby steps of course, but after a while, the tendency to dwell on the negative can lessen and usually does. And those mental cobwebs go away.
Ah. Cobwebs. I’d better get them out of the way before I go any further. Or the sun comes out again. Happy March Monday all!


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