P is for Holiday

Have you noticed that if you look hard enough you can find a holiday for every single day of the year? For example, Friday was National Donut Day. Today honors everyone’s favorite quacker, Donald Duck (well, perhaps not everyone’s. I’m rather fond of the AFLAC duck myself, but he sells insurance. Donald is just cute and cranky). June 11th is National Hug Day. Just make sure you know the person you attempt to embrace. However in all the lists, official, informal, or just plain weird, I have yet to see National Procrastination Day. I’m sure someone somewhere thought of it but simply decided to announce it “later”.
The fact is that we all celebrate Procrastination. We put off things we dread doing, push away projects that intimidate us. “I’ll tackle the basement next weekend” becomes “We should wait until we can do this together” or “You can’t throw that out. I’m not done with it.” (Another form of the P word, often countered with “So when do you think you WILL be done with it?”) Deadlines on term papers, business proposals, first drafts of all sorts, from model planes to mystery manuscripts, may become fair game for the “when I have time” rationale. Until we don’t. Think of Spring Cleaning or Recycling Weekend or Dump It and Run days…all occasions probably offshoots of “I’ll clean, recycle, or give it away. Tomorrow.”
None of us is immune. Oh I can envision some of you shaking your heads from side to side. Me? Not me. I never put things off…I have a schedule. And I believe you. Or rather I give you credit for believing you’re organized, efficient and always on the ball. Perhaps you are. I know I like to think of myself that way, even though it’s taken me most of the week to sit down and compose this post. I had good intentions, but…well, there was my job, running errands, sleep, and of course my weekend MI-5 marathon to take my mind off staring at my computer screen hoping for inspiration. Even now the words “laundry”, “dishes”, and “start dinner” threaten to pull me away from the task at hand. I’m not listening. Oh dang. I forgot to take out the roast.
I’ll be right back.


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