Meat Loaf and My Monday Dilemma

There’s a mini-spider dangling in front of my desktop screen. It seems confused as to which way to go, dropping down, moving back up, and staying still for a moment before landing on a box of checks. Its dilemma is no greater than mine….since spiders bite, and I don’t want to be bitten, AND it is small enough that it might just disappear altogether and attack later, what do I do? On one hand, I am mesmerized by the little guy’s determination to get somewhere, anywhere, by the means of his tiny thread. On the other hand…well, do I smash his travel dreams to bits by smashing him, thereby saving myself from a possible bite at some future date? Or do I put a glass over him and somehow transport him outside where he can spin a web?
Such is the gravity of my Monday dilemma. Well, that and meat loaf. The entrée not the singer. When I was much younger, my mom used to make meat loaf for dinner maybe once a month. It was an economical way to feed us and provided leftovers for sandwiches. I never really asked what went into it, although I suspect it was a mixture of beef, pork, and veal; the various meats portioned out and packaged by the butcher. Homemade gravy and mashed potatoes and it was a meal.
Fast forward to the present. I made meat loaf yesterday for our Sunday dinner. No veal. (Don’t get me started on that subject please). No pork either unless I feel adventurous and then only a little for flavor. My version of the dish is ground chuck, possibly a little ground round, and other traditional ingredients, egg, tomato sauce, etc. Nothing fancy or gourmet, just a free form loaf topped with a bit of A1 and baked in the oven.
Who knew it could be so expensive? Ground beef was a staple of our early married life. It was less than $.90 a pound, and you could put it in everything from spaghetti to burgers to sloppy joes or Mexican Rice to…well…meat loaf. Today it ranks up there with boneless pork chops, skinless chicken breasts and brisket in price per pound, sometimes more depending on the fat content. So why go through all the trouble? Why not just buy a nice steak? My husband will tell you. Leftovers. There is nothing better than meat loaf unless it’s a meat loaf sandwich slathered with mayonnaise. I can’t see it.
As far as my little eight-legged friend goes, I’ve put him in a holding pattern under a juice glass… he was there last time I looked anyway…and I’ll transport him to the yard in a minute. I have no doubts his spidey-sense will get him to where he belongs.

PS. One dilemma I don’t have right now is what to read. First on the list is Alan Furst’s Spies of Warsaw, followed by Susan Macneal’s His Majesty’s Hope. Have a wonderful Holiday week!



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3 responses to “Meat Loaf and My Monday Dilemma

  1. I taked spiders outside, too, unless they prove too hard to catch. Mom always said if we killed a spider, it would rain, and my friend Elizabeth Ellis’s story of Grandmother Spider ends with the idea that we should show her gratitude for sewing the earth and sky together . . . so I try to spare spiders . . . but if they refuse to be caught, all bets are off.
    . . . and now I’m craving meat loaf 😉

  2. ** that would be “take” — I don’t know what “taked” would mean, or why auto-correct let it stay that way when it kept changing it in this post 😉

    • catsmom17

      I’m not a spider fan but I don’t like to kill them unless it’s necessary or they’re bigger than my thumb…or hairy! Isn’t auto-correct wonderful? Thanks for reading :o)

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