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Good Intentions

We all have them. Whether we think them, say them, write them in a planner; good intentions are the downfall of us all at one point in time or another.
“I’ll give you a call next week” (But I forget)
“We have to do lunch.” (If only our schedules matched up or it didn’t snow)
“I’m losing 20 pounds by Christmas.” (I hope)
And so on and so forth. It happens. We’re human. Life gets in the way of the good (or good for us) things we plan. Not always, but evidently enough that someone once decided that “The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions.” Scary.
For me, at least lately, the good intention I’m walking on is my writing. It’s a hard thing to admit because I love to create stories for my characters to play out mysteries in their lives. Phil and Sam and Mae and Ruby are all wonderful and rich and well-defined and being patient with me. They shouldn’t have to be. They belong out in the world of books so others can discover them, their humor and more than that their stories.
I have some good reasons. We always do. Work, weather, a three month long mysterious disease that seems to at least be on its way out the door, although I still can’t sing along to anything without sounding like June Allyson. Never enough time.
Yes, I said Hah! Writing is something I not only want to do, I NEED to do. Each day that passes without my putting pen to paper (figuratively speaking of course) reminds me that I haven’t fulfilled my intentions. I’ve left Mae in New Orleans, Ruby in jail, and Phil and Sam only partially queried. Not good enough I tell myself as I stick another good intention in my mind. Tomorrow I write. Sometimes I do and feel better for it, even when I hit a snag. Sometimes all I want to do is put on my jammies and watch an old movie. But…
This post is more of a kick in the pants for me than it is about anyone or anything else. I’m considering it a belated resolution. And an edict if you will to do something every day that I need, want and love to do. To find time to make my good intention a reality. Wish me luck.
More Mae next time…and that’s a promise. She and Sylvain and Drum are in for some trouble in The Big Easy.


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