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Doin’ The Bunny Hop Hop Hop

This winter has been a myriad of experiences: some good, some less than agreeable, and some absolutely eye-opening. If you’re a Facebook friend you will have noticed some posts earlier this month regarding the adventures of a bunny named Flynn. I was fortunate enough to have him as a guest in my house for eleven days while his “mom” went to Florida. He brought everything he needed…food, treats, hay, his spacious cage, including his little hut and an alfalfa tunnel. All I had to do was feed and water him, let him hop around for exercise, and reassure him that his mom would be back soon. I even had a bunny book to help me out. Who knew?
Flynn is a Polish Dwarf, small, quick, and very intelligent…too smart for his own good sometimes. Bunnies are curious little guys…and they love dark spaces. Under the bed is a favorite of course. They don’t come out until they’re ready. Or hungry. But Flynn also loved to try and climb the fort we’d built in front of the television (to protect the cords) and sit on the top of the one of the recliners to inspect the art work on the walls. Oh, and he also loved The Big Bang Theory. He sat on his own little chair and watched the entire episode. Seriously. I have a picture!


For my part, I introduced him to carrots. Not the Bugs Bunny big ones, but the petite ones from our local grocery. He loved them too (still does according to my friend), and raspberries. And paper. His pellets had to be precisely placed under the hay or he would upend his bowl. Sometimes he did that anyway just to be funny. He fell into the small trash can and tried to leap a tall table in a single bound (not). And he hopped. And hopped, And hopped.
We survived the eleven days intact: Flynn got some good care, and I got a taste of what it would be like to have an animal in the house again. We lost Rascal almost two years ago and it was odd at first to share a room with a four-legged fireball. I loved it. I hope Flynn did too. That little brown hopper made me want to become a pet parent again. After I declutter the house. 


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